Stacey Lawson and Paul Fields are not only delighted but thoroughly excited to announce the opening of their restaurant. Stacey and Paul sensed something was missing from the Lincoln dining experience. Paul had always had a passion to open up an independent restaurant and as a local girl Stacey recognised that although Lincoln is a historical City and a very dynamic and growing City, there was a clear need for a relaxed restaurant experience that combined history with modernity.

So, after much thought and research, after travelling across the United Kingdom, Paul and Stacey realised that Lincoln lacked a restaurant that acknowledged the quality of classic 1990's bistro cuisine, whilst also offering an informal and exciting dining experience. Head Chef Paul Fields understands Lincoln dining, for the last ten years, Paul led the team at Browns Pie Shop and Restaurant, Steep Hill. 

Yet, Paul always had a vision to open up his own restaurant and meeting Stacey inspired him to make his vision a reality. Together they felt that although Lincoln is world famous for it's Cathedral and more recently it's rapidly expanding University culture, it's restaurant culture consisted mainly of student orientated chains. Stacey and Paul recognised an opportunity for Lawson's Bar and Bistro to serve food, that very much reflects both the antiquity and modernity of their City.

A dining experience that is both professional and relaxed, mixing traditional dishes with vibrant interesting flavours, Lawson's Bar and Bistro can be found sandwiched between the bright lights of the Brayford and the ancient cobble stones of Steep Hill. Essentially Paul and Stacey asked themselves "...where would we, as a couple like to dine at night..." and Lawson's as a concept was born.  

Paul and Stacey's vision is to offer the diner familiar and much loved dishes such as the always popular Prawn Cocktail, but with a modern dynamic colour. Homely food, such as the Prawn Cocktail, will be upgraded with King Prawns; complimented with pureed avocado, paprika, brandy and melon. Lawson's is not about gimmicks or pomposity, it is rather simply about food you love, with flavours that excite in an environment that is comfortable.

The idea being that Lincoln diners have many options, but nothing quite like Lawson's has been tried before. Dining at Lawson's is primarily about comfort and relaxation, where their exclusive wine list will compliment an array of classic dishes from the 1990's Bistro scene whilst adding a distinctive originality of cuisine.

Paul and Stacey look forward to seeing you soon.

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